Sunland Cattle Co Pty Ltd was formed in 1991 and is owned by Paul & Clare Harris. Paul and Clare began their Wagyu venture with the acquisition of over 1100 Wagyu in 2007.

They continued to increase their Wagyu numbers further by buying a complete Fullblood Wagyu herd of over 500 Fullbloods plus embryos and semen in 2010, and currently run over 11,000 Wagyu Fullbloods and Purebred Wagyu.

There is a well established breeding program using the best genetics and large artificial insemination programs and large Embryo programs.

Property tours have been conducted at Ten Mile Station for Beef Week in 2003 and at Old Bombandy for the World Wagyu Conference in 2015 and Beef Australia 2015. Delegates from around the world attended these events.

In May 2018 another property tour was conducted at Ten Mile Station for Wagyu producers, and this was attended by well over 200 people.