The powerful herd of fullbloods in the Sunland herd, originate from the early imported embryos, imported through Excel Wagyu, from the United States. Most of these originate from direct Japanese genetics.

Within this herd are daughters and or granddaughters of original Japanese sires including,  Kitaguni 7-8, Itokitazuru (the father of TF 151 Itozuru Doi), Shigekedaka  Yasukane (a son of one of Japans greatest bulls ever Yasutani), Fujimori,Dai 6 Seizan.  The the list goes on, these are just a few of the original strains of Fujioshi-Kedaka-Tajima.

These superior genetics have been bred down,  using a wide range of highly successful and recognised sires, some of the original cows are still functional at 16+ years of age.

The current herd all go back to these great cows with very limited females released out of this herd (except for managerial culling which were sold to abattoirs).

One of our greatest investments were daughters of Tomokane.  Tomokane has Kitaguni 7-8 and Yasutani in her immediate pedigree.

Although Sunland has very powerful genetics,  we operate mainly a commercial (carcass) venture. Some Bulls are sold out of Ten Mile, these are suitable for all facets of Wagyu production, crossbred to fullbloods.